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Potential Christmas Party Disaster

Christmas Hat

Over the Christmas period, magicians are highly sought after for birthday parties, christmas parties, corporate hospitality, clubs, schools, cubs, beavers, brownies and the list goes on. However, every now and then there is the potential for a disaster. A¬†colleague¬†of mine had just that experience last month. A great deal can be learnt from reading about it. His story goes as follows…

There was one party over christmas that was very difficult. It was a local golf club, a very posh club, very expensive, and they held a christmas party for their members children every year, and last year apparently it was a complete disaster. One of the members wife’s was an event organiser, and she got wind of the children’s christmas party, and was appointed as the event organiser. She asked me to go in and talk about the entertainment. I had worked for this lady many times and went in for a meeting, not far from where I live, so it was very handy. They explained what they wanted… Basically the children turn up and they are fed a late lunch and then Father Christmas arrives, and gives all the children a present, then the entertainer starts work and he does a magic show and some games, at the end of which the children go home. Some of the older children stay for a disco.

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Thank you so much for the fine entertainment your provided for us at Hannah and Matthews wedding reception last Saturday. Every single one of the guests told us how much they had enjoyed your performance. It made the day even more memorable and was a great success.
Michael Turner