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One of the Most Important Decisions to Having a Successful Party

Children in a huddleI receive many calls from people wishing to book me to entertain at their party, and sometimes I am told that the venue has already been booked and the time has been arranged (normally 2pm-4pm, which is the worst time you can choose for a party, read all about why this time is so bad). Quite often they have left it very late, or are enquiring for a date that I am already fully booked. What can be done?

Well several things, but it really depends on what the most important aspect of your event is, as far as you are concerned. Let me explain further…

When planning a party the key decision to make are:

  1. Who will be invited
  2. Where the party will be held – the venue
  3. What time it will start and how long it should last
  4. Will the food be bought in, or made by a family member
  5. Will an entertainer be booked, and if so who will it be

All you have to do is write out this list in your order of priority. What would be at the top of your list? Don’t skip this bit, write out the numbers in the order you think is the most important to you, and only then read on…

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Dear Gordon Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed your show at Emma’s party. You were brilliant. You had such a good way with the children and they responded so well to you in return. As parents, we also appreciated your calm and flexible attitude to everything. Have already supplied your details to another Mum and would warmly recommend you to others! Thanks again
Marion, Adrian and Emma