Elmo balloon sculpture tutorial

Here’s a simple and cute Elmo design.

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  1. blahblahicanthearu says:

    hey awesome video david i luv all of ur videos so much im a huge fan!! So can you please make a tutorial for an easy to do spiderman? Thank u . luv ur work.

  2. clarissa1075 says:

    Thank you… My baby’s b-day is soon and i love your tutorial… Thanx Dave

  3. balloon1entertainer says:

    i love it 5 stars you are so creative thanks for sharing

  4. JollyHollybloonartst says:

    This is great – and simple. I also make an Elmo hat which is a big hit. I make Cookie Monster hat the same way with a blue balloon, eyes and of course an orange nose. YOU ROCK, Dave!

  5. ErikOfFlax says:

    all your tutorials are good! thanks for sharing your talent


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