Girl Guiding 100 Year Centenary

Tonight I am performing at another special event to celebrate the Girl Guiding 100 Year Centenary. A year long celebration with some amazing activities all over the country, and tonight is one of the more unusual.

I have been asked to perform 3 shows at one of the big shopping centres in Croydon, finishing at 10:30 pm !!!

The Brownies sought special permission to have a sleep-over in the centre, and nearly 450 girls have booked up. Security will be high as you would expect, and there will be several activities for the girls, including circus skills, and myself with the magic show. I have a feeling that my bunny rabbit is going to get a lot of attention this evening – and hopefully a few gasps of surprise as well.

This is just one of the celebration events that I have been involved with so far this year. The Rainbows held a fairyland day at one of the Girl Guiding campsites, and ┬áinvited me to perform with an audience of around 100 at a time, in the middle of a field…. I also have other events booked in, including warming up the audience at the big final spectacular to be held at Croydons largest theatre on 20th October 2010 (or 20/10/2010) which I understand is already sold out.

I love these types of shows. They are always different and exciting, and I get to be part of a truly unique event.

If you have a school, club or group that is having a special birthday, then why not come up with some unique activities, days out and events that your members could get involved with to celebrate throughout the year. It will be something that they will remember for a long time to come, and in years to come they will be able to say “they were there”