One of the Most Important Decisions to Having a Successful Party

Children in a huddleI receive many calls from people wishing to book me to entertain at their party, and sometimes I am told that the venue has already been booked and the time has been arranged (normally 2pm-4pm, which is the worst time you can choose for a party, read all about why this time is so bad). Quite often they have left it very late, or are enquiring for a date that I am already fully booked. What can be done?

Well several things, but it really depends on what the most important aspect of your event is, as far as you are concerned. Let me explain further…

When planning a party the key decision to make are:

  1. Who will be invited
  2. Where the party will be held – the venue
  3. What time it will start and how long it should last
  4. Will the food be bought in, or made by a family member
  5. Will an entertainer be booked, and if so who will it be

All you have to do is write out this list in your order of priority. What would be at the top of your list? Don’t skip this bit, write out the numbers in the order you think is the most important to you, and only then read on…

For some people number 2 is going to be at the top while number 5 is lower down. For some that will be correct, but for most it could mean the difference between an “OK” party and an “OUTSTANDING” one.

1. The guest list is not usually going to change much, no matter what other decisions are made. Classmates and family will either want to come, or they won’t. The time and venue may have a bearing, but only for a few, and if you arrange your party way ahead of time then your guests are able to plan around it.

2. The party can be held in a great number of places. Local church halls, village community centres, sports halls, hotels, function rooms, and also at home. You have a large choice of places available at many different prices. Some will in a better state of repair than others, most will be clean and suitable for a party. Lets look at it from the point of view of the birthday child, or one of their friends. Are they likely to turn up to the venue and think “This is very nice, Victorian I believe, with lovely oak beams” – of course not, they are going to want to know who is there and what sort of fun and entertainment they are going to have at the party.

Will the venue make any difference to the children – probably not. Will they remember what it is like when they are older and thinking back to the event – unlikely.

3. I have spoken about this in depth in another posting. You should read all about it, as this will make a big difference to how successful your party is.

4. You will have your own ideas about food. For childrens parties, most people will provide the food themselves, and they know someone who will help make cakes. For some, that is too much like hard work, and McDonalds will be brought in (there will be a posting about this at some point in the future) – There are decisions to be made, but none that will really affect the success of the party.

5. The choice of having an entertainer, and then getting the right one, is the thing that could ensure a successful party. Having an entertainer could easily make an “OK” venue disappear from the minds of the children as they have the time of their lives. Having the right entertainer will ensure that the children experience a party that will stay with them for many years, even into adulthood. They may not remember who the entertainer was, but they will definitely remember how he (or she) made them feel, and the magical time their had at your child’s birthday party.

If you decide an entertainer is the right decision for your party, then you will have to find the right one. I will write further on this another time.

Today’s Top Tip

When the children look back at your party in years to come, will they remember if the venue was nice, small, big, carpeted, tidy, had wooden beams etc. – unlikely.

Will they remember what fun they had, how much they laughed, when the birthday child made the bunny rabbit appear, singing Happy Birthday, and how they felt when they left – almost certainly.

Now take a look at your priority list, has that changed at all now?