The Ideal Time For Your Party

Time for the PartyOne of the most important decisions to make, when planning your party, is what time should you start. This single decision, on it’s own, can either make your party a roaring success, or will give you a whole lot of trouble.

It sounds strange, but it’s true.

Hold your party at the wrong time, and you could very easily have tired, or hungry children, and the mood-swings that go along with this. Plan it at the right time, and you will have won half the battle from the get go.

There are three main things to consider.

1. The Age Of The Children

Are the majority of the children you will be inviting, of the age where they have a nap in the afternoon? (Does Mum or Dad join them, and have a nap at the same time?) If so, then choosing a lunchtime party makes a lot of sense. Not only will the children be more lively, and awake, but it won’t disrupt their routine, and will allow them to have their normal nap, at the time they are used to.

If the children are older, then consider their usual bedtime, and ensure that the party is over well before that, to allow mum and dad time to take their children home, have baths and a story, and get to bed at a reasonable time. The parents will thank you for this, especially if they have a child who will play up for them the next day, if they haven’t had enough sleep.

2. Special Events Happening At The Same Time

Are there any special events happening at the same time as your proposed party date and time?

The last thing you want to do is to send out all the invitations, book an entertainer, hire a hall, buy all the food, and then find that no-one turns up at the party because it was the same day as the school fair, or another child in the same class is also having a party on the same day. The best thing to do here, is to plan well in advance, and make sure that you send out the invitations with as much as 2-3 months notice. This way you will more than likely be the first to send out invitations, and others will be able to plan their parties around yours, plus if your event clashes with another event, you will be told very quickly with plenty of time to rearrange your plans if you need to.

Always plan to succeed. The more notice you give people, the more chance you have of them putting it in their diary, and turning up to your event. You will also find it easier to book your first choice of entertainer, and the venue you really want, as lots of parents leave it to the last minute, when both are already booked, and they find themselves planning the party around what is available, which is never ideal.

3. Choose The Right Time For The Party

This has to be THE most important bit of advice of the three given to you here, when choosing the time for your party. It is very logical, but quite often the last thing people thing about.

Plan your parties around meal times….

The two IDEAL time slots for your party are 11:30am-1:30pm, so the children can eat lunch at lunchtime, and 3:30-5:30pm, so the children can eat tea, at teatime. Of course if you are having an after school party, then the teatime party will be slightly later.

How often have you been invited to a party from 2pm-4pm? It has got to be the worst time for a party ever. Think about it for a moment. You wouldn’t send your child to a party that starts at 2pm without giving them lunch. 2pm is just too long for them to wait, and it’s unlikely they will be eating as soon as they arrive, so it could be as late as 3pm before they get fed. If you then pick them up at 4pm, you will want to give them something to eat before bedtime, otherwise you may well get a knock on the bedroom door at midnight, with a tiny voice telling you they are hungry.

So as the host of this party, all the food you lovingly prepare will be ignored and wasted, as the children won’t be hungry after their lunch, and the break will last about 5 minutes. This break is important for many reasons. Most entertainers, if they are handling the full party for you will need this time to prepare for the next part of the party, and it makes it very difficult for them to do this with children under their feet, because food didn’t last as long as it should have. You may also find that if you have booked an entertainer to perform a show for the last part of the party, you will have to find something else for the children to do while you wait for the entertainer to arrive, and all because the food part didn’t last the 30 minutes you expected. If you are running the party yourself, then you may well find yourself having to improvise an extra 20-30 minutes worth of games and entertainment. Why give yourself the possibility of this headache, when it can so easily be avoided.

Today’s Top Tip

Always choose a time for your party that doesn’t clash with another event, is appropriate for the age of the children attending, and will allow you to give the children food at the time they would normally eat.

If you follow these logical rules, you will be well on the way towards a successful party.